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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Attention whores

Why do they exist?

I'm getting very sick and tired of having to sort the truth from the bullshit, and they don't help at all.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hospital stay

Without going to too much detail, I want to make some suggestions for those who might still read this blog.

If you ever feel like your chest is hurting when you sleep, don't ignore it; go see a doctor. It is usually a sign of something more serious, and if it's not, better safe than sorry, trust me. Chest pain when laying down is almost always a sign of some kind of lung condition, and those are not pleasant in any way.

I was hospitalized for pulmonary edema. They managed to get rid of most of the fluid because it was in my blood, but it was not fun. I remember at one point I was clinging to a nurse, not because she was attractive in any way (although she was), but because I was scared I was going to drown and I wanted to hold onto something.

I also got a catheter in a bad place. Yuck.

But it wasn't all bad, my dad's supervisor said a prayer for me and my family visited a lot, and I saw some movies. "Idiocracy" is one I recommend everyone watch, and I still don't understand why everyone hates "X-Men 3" so much. Peace.