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Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Anti-Something Awful rant

Nothing in particular triggered this. I just had to get it off my chest since I've kept it to myself too long.

Something Awful is the worst fucking God-damn site on the Internet. There's a lot of talk about evil's presence on the Internet. Some people point it to YTMND with their rabid fanbase of juvenile poop-humor junkies. Other people point to 4chan with their... rabid fanbase of juvenile poop-humor junkies. But at least they know they're juvenile poop-humor junkies. represents the worst kind of Internet troll - the people that realize they're Internet trolls and therefore consider themselves somehow beyond their trolling ways. They're "meta-trolling". The very tag line of the site itself, "The Internet makes you stupid", betrays that fact.

I used to visit the site on occasion because sometimes in their ecstasy-derived non sequitur rants, they'd stumble unto something funny. I came more frequently when the Flash Tub came out, which was consistently funny for awhile. (I actually still have some of the songs on my iPod, "Internet Sysop" being the last one worth listening to.)

But then Shmorky went fucking insane and now all the Flash Tub is, is idiotic Satanic nonsense. I only go to the website now in hopes that this week's Flash Tub will not be retarded. I'm always disappointed.

So this rant went on too long. I'll just close by saying, I got introduced to two very good webcomics because they were "Awful Links", and I'm sure that when staff run out of "lulz", they'll list themselves as an Awful Link, because they're just so tragically hip like that. Fuck that site.