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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I had a dream which made me think about how deliberately I, or any of us, do things, and I am now trying to be deliberate in my actions.

See, most people, when they do things, don't really do things deliberately. They do things out of habit. This includes thought. We rarely think about the things we are thinking about, to paraphrase one of my favorite plays "Inherit the Wind". It is because of this that accidents happen.

Think about it, how many people want to be a success in Street Fighter? But most people aren't. They don't know why; they are as smart as the next guy. And it's true; they are as smart as the next guy. This isn't a slam on people. But the system we have - it is undeniably dysfunctional. And the reason for that is that keeps the majority of people in a lazy form of thinking.

Just doing whatever - it works from month to month. We are tricked into thinking that things like self-discipline are too much work. When all self-discipline really is, is just... actively "being" as much as possible. Not being anything; not trying to do anything - just being. Being who you are. Not even that far. Just being.

It's hard when you have bad habits, which is why it's really as easy (and as difficult) as being deliberate. It's pretty tiring. I've only been doing it two hours now and I'm exhausted. But I'm gonna keep doing it.


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