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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My relation to pornography

Unlike most men my age, I keep no pornography on my computer. However, I occasionally look at fetish-oriented pictures and watch fetish-oriented videos. It has always depressed me that I sometimes resort to these things, especially when I've never needed pornography for the purposes most people use it for. But I think I understand better now.

I don't like that I look at pornography still, but I at least now know why I do it. Behind every posed smile, behind every vacuous stare, there is a lost soul. And something in my heart, something more innocent, believes that if I stare back, if I remember their faces, that purity behind the tempting façade, I can save them. God bless the lost souls, because nobody else will. Other than me, apparently.

Andrea Dworkin was a brave person who actually set forth the idea that women cannot be free unless pornography is completely abolished. I agree with her. I think she staked her life on this cause, and lost it. This world has a dependence on constantly regenerating itself in an endless cycle, and whatever is not part of that is destroyed. If that's the case, I'll stake my own life on it as well.

Trying to eliminate pornography, however, is pointless. People are who they are and I can't change that; only state what I believe, which I will do, in real life and otherwise. At least, I vow to try my best to do so. My hope and dream is to see a world without this.

Go ahead and say it will never happen. I intend to prove all of you wrong.


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