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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are you in a power struggle?

Taken from "Heart of the Soul" again. I'm going to juxtapose this with how I feel when I play competitive games such as Street Fighter and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Am I feeling right? I feel right if I win.

Am I certain the other person is wrong? It depends. If they employ static strategies that haven't worked before, then yes they're wrong. Crashing into a brick wall 10 times doesn't make it break down the 11th time unless your head is made of steel. And if it is, I think my brick wall is stronger.

Am I feeling hurt? In Street Fighter, I feel an intrinsic connection to my character. If they get KO'ed, I feel a certain sense of hurt. But until they reach the KO point, I can take as much punishment as the other guy can dish out. It's a little different in Yu-Gi-Oh, since the resources are split up and varied and if I lack resources, I could be vulnerable. But in terms of Life Points, I'll risk them to gain an advantage.

Am I feeling angry? Sometimes. If they use the same tactic and I fail to come up with a counter strategy, I get pretty angry and that's when my child kicks in, whining about unfairness and cheap tricks. Sometimes it takes the entire day to get that child to understand that, no, if it's in the game, it's in the game, but sometimes I do have to wonder how far people are willing to go to win.

Am I impatient? I am the embodiment of impatience.

Am I blaming others? If the crowd is haranguing me (whether it be for or against me), I am likely to take it out on them, but ultimately I know the outcome is in my hands. If my opponent is a friend to me, I am cool regardless of what happens, but if there's tension and my game is thrown off focus by the peanut gallery, things can get ugly.

Am I feeling distance from another person? Most self-help books of this type state that you should take responsibility for your emotions, but in this case I have to disagree. Whether I feel distant from a person or not is dependent on the other person. I meet them halfway every time by even challenging them in the first place. Whether they're scared of me (and God knows why someone would be scared of ME) or don't like me or whatever is irrelevant, I'm out there and a brother could just say hey. (Dr. B!)

Am I attached to an outcome? No. My feelings on winning or losing is wholly dependent on circumstance. Sometimes I actually prefer to lose.

Do I want to win? Everybody WANTS to win; preference and desire are not the same thing.

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are in a power struggle. Well, duh.


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