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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take an Inventory

Consider every activity that you do daily. Go through your day, beginning with when you wake, and take an inventory of your actions and your belongings. Ask these questions for everything that you do or have:

* "Do I do or have this to survive?"
* "Do I do or have this to feel more secure?"
* "Do I do or have this to feel better about myself?"
* "Do I do or have this to feel better than others?"
* "Do I do or have this to be safer?"

For every Yes, ask yourself, "How could I see the things that I do or have differently?" For example, "Instead of eating to make myself feel good, or to feel more secure, I eat so that I can take care of my body." "Instead of having my husband or wife to feel better about myself, or safer, I am with my husband or wife to be in a true partnership."

Make this a habit: Before you do anything, ask yourself, "What is my intention for doing this?"

This is something I'd have to do with myself daily, so I'm probably not going to blog about every single thing I do. But as I said before, dialysis is the big thing. I certainly do it to survive, and I have my own reasons. Perhaps I need to look at it differently. "I go to dialysis so that my body can heal." But it seems no matter how I phrase it, it comes down to survival.

I guess other exercises may help in the future?


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