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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A story about high school crushes

Well, when I was in high school, there was this girl I liked a lot. Her name was Gwen... ultimately, I didn't tell her because she had good grades, was sociable, and had a future, whereas I was too busy pretending to be a cartoon character on the Internet to make anything out of my opportunity at education.

I ended up being friends with her though, along with two other kids (Starla and Michael) because we sat in the same area in one of our classes senior year. I was thinking about telling her my feelings at graduation, and ultimately decided against it.

Today, on a whim, I check MySpace for people who I would have known in high school, and I find her. She's married with a child on the way...

I'm happy for her and I mean that 100%... which I am currently observing with a bemused kind of wonder.


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