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Thursday, December 22, 2005

RIP Caswell Ellis

As some of you may know, I am a Bahá'í.

In every city with more than nine Bahá'ís, we are generally required to elect a Spiritual Assembly local to the city. It is up to that Assembly to decide affairs of much difficulty for individuals, as well as to organize teaching projects to raise awareness of the Faith.

A week ago, I met with them to discuss psychological and spiritual issues I was having regarding the kidney transplant. I felt very ashamed. I have not been a good Bahá'í. Not only do I go running off the mouth here as well as in other places of the Internet, I have generally been scornful of them, thinking that the California lifestyle rubbed off on them.

It was a severely humbling experience, but they did not chastize me, instead they welcomed me with open arms and discussed the issues I have, without judging me. One Bahá'í, in particular, was affectionate with me despite my own emotional distance...

His name was Caswell Ellis. He was a tall African-American man, very old. I could tell he was in pain, but it did not affect his desire to convey in all ways his support through this difficult time for me.

After the meeting, he was hospitalized. The doctors discovered that he had had cancer of the lungs for a very long time, but it was so severe that there was nothing they could do. They sent him home, in the words of his sister, "to die".

As everybody here knows, I hate doctors. But that's not the whole truth, because I wouldn't be here today without their medical assistance. I don't understand how a doctor can simply give up, especially in this case. Especially in this case.

He died yesterday, while I was with my family doing Christmas things.


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